Posición de postdoc de dos años de duración

Instituto de Fotónica de la Universidad de Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK).
Posición de postdoc de dos años de duración

The Institute of Photonics (Physics Department) at the University of Strathclyde seeks applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Semiconductor Laser Networks for Neuro-Inspired Information Processing functionalities. The post holder will work on the ‘BRAIN LASER’ project, funded by the US Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG), to develop cutting-edge research in photonic technologies for neuromorphic (brain-like) information processing. Applicants should have a PhD in Photonic Technologies or in Laser Physics/Engineering and have experience with semiconductor lasers and/or optoelectronic systems. Experience with the characterisation of nonlinear dynamics in laser systems and/or photonic (integrated) circuits would also be an advantage. 

If you are interested, please send an email:

Dr Antonio Hurtado

Senior Lecturer

Institute of Photonics, Dept of Physics

University of Strathclyde

Address: Technology and Innovation Centre, 99 George Street, G1 1RD, Glasgow, UK

Tel: 0141 548 4668

E-mail: antonio.hurtado@strath.ac.uk

URL: http://antoniohurtadovillavieja.wordpress.com

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