Ultrafast Science & Technology Spain 2017

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22nd November

11.00Coffee: Sponsored by LEYBOLD
11.30Opening USTS 2017
11.40 PLENARY: John W. G. Tisch  
Imperial College London, (UK)
"Attosecond Science and Technology"
12.30 IT1: Fernando Martín, Universidad
Autónoma de Madrid
Attochemistry: imaging and controlling electron dynamics in molecules”
13.00 Lunch
15.00 IT2: Asier Longarte, Universidad del País Vasco
“Ultrafast photoactivated molecular processes: from fundamentals to applications”
15.30 OT1: Elena Caballero, UCLM
15:30 “Unraveling the Photodynamics of a Dye Interacting with a Layered Structure Metal Organic Framework”
15.50 OT2: Rebeca de Nalda, IQFR‐CSIC
15:50 “Strong laser field control of fragment spatial distributions from a photodissociation reaction”
16.10  Coffee break: Sponsored by ADLER
16.40 IT3: Íñigo Sola, USAL
“Ultrashort pulse and beam tailoring for extreme ultraviolet beam generation control”
17.10 OT3: Manuel Blanco, USC
“Phase matching effects in high harmonic generation in nanoantennas”
17.30 OT4: Miguel Á. Porras, ETSIME‐UPM 
“The spatial map of the CEP of focused broadband pulses and its control”
17.50  Poster Session 
18.50 Asamblea GELUR

23rd November

09.00PLENARY: Yves Bellouard 
EPFL, Lausanne (Switzerland)
"Tailoring material properties using femtosecond lasers: from the analysis of subtle material structural changes towards their implementation in microtechnologies"
09.50 IT4: Esther Rebollar, IQFR‐CSIC “Femtosecond laser fabrication of periodic nanostructures on polymers and on their composites with carbon nanoadditives”
10.20 OT5: Antonio Dias, IO‐CSIC
“An ad hoc designed fs‐laser writable glass”
10.40 Coffee break: Sponsored by PIMICOS
11.10 IT5: Ovidio Peña, IFN‐UPM
“Using femtosecond laser pulses to produce nearly‐ perfect gold nanorod colloids”
11.40 OT6: Verónica Puerto, UJI
“Solar Nanofluids Synthesized by Femtosecond Laser Radiation”
12.00 IT6: Crina Cojocaru, UPC
“Ultrashort laser pulse measurement using random nonlinear crystals”  
12.30 OT7: Benjamín Alonso, USAL
“Self‐calibrating d‐scan: a powerful tool for measuring pulses in the fs and ps range from any chirped pulse amplified system”
12.50  Lunch
15.00 IT7: Fernando Naranjo, UAH
“High‐power ultrafast fiber lasers based on nitrides saturable absorbers”
15.30 IT8: Pere Pérez, FYLA
“Industrialization of Ultrafast Optical Fiber Lasers”
16.00 OT8: C. Cuadrado‐Laborde, UV
“Generation of dissipative soliton resonance light pulses in a polarization‐maintaining fiber laser”
16.20 Coffee Break: Sponsored by FYLA
16.50 IT9: Lluís Blancafort, UdG
“Computational studies of ultrafast molecular photochemistry and photophysics”
17.20 OT9: Juan M. Bueno, UM
“Variable pulse compression and wavefront assessment to enhance multiphoton imaging of thick ocular tissues”
Poster Session (continuation)

Networking cocktail


24th November

09.00PLENARY: Robert Fedosejevs
University of Alberta (Canada)
"Ultra-Intense Laser Driven Electron, Particle and X-ray Sources"
09.50 IT10: Francis Pérez, ALBA
“The Spanish ALBA Light Source and its potentiality for time resolved experiments”
10.20IT11: Eduardo Oliva, ETSII-UPM
“Plasma-based seeded lasers: towards coherent, ultra-intense soft X-ray pulse” 
10.50  Coffee break: Sponsored by AMPLITUDE
11.20IT12: Maite Flores, USC
“Biomedical applications of high power table top lasers”
11.50 OT10: Antonio Picón, USAL
“Attosecond transient absorption for semiconductor materials”
12.10 OT11: Pedro Velarde, IFN-UPM
“Propagation of a HHG pulse in a X Ray laser produced plasma”
12.30 Awards and Closure